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About us

The Contemporary International Academy of NLP ( CIANLP) aims to improve the quality of lives of people by training and coaching to tap into their latent creativity, intelligence and winning Attitude. CIANLP is committed to make a difference in the lives of people irrespective of race, religion or creed through training and coaching.

At CIANLP , we believe that life is a journey for self improvement and we would help clients achieve their goals and live life to its full potential by working on the mind, body, intellect and spiritual dimensions of clients through our unique training and coaching methods.

About CIANLP Lead Trainer : Ruben Seetharamdoo

rubenBorn in the paradise island of Mauritius Ruben Sherandra Seetharamdoo is the lead trainer of CIANLP. Ruben studied in Mauritius up to the age of 19. After completing his A levels he travelled to India to do his Bsc in Chemistry in the University of Delhi. However during the course of his stay he inculcated a strong urge for self development the need to develop his inner being in order to discover the different layers of his microcosmic entity. He balanced his life trend by attending several courses exampling on the art of existence. The heightening psychedelic experience of knowledge acquisition has amplified Rubens consciousness. He thus mastered several dexterities such as: Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Diploma in Leadership based on Dale Carnegies principles, Diploma in Human Resource Development, Mind Power courses and various forms of meditation . After being awarded his Bachelor of Science Degree, he moved to UK.

His quest however continued with a flair of sagacity and sophistication leading him to persuade further studies. He altered his career by harping on a different study by focusing on human behaviour and the healthcare industry. He graduated from Thames Valley University after completing a 3 year course in the area of Mental Health . Moreover, he completed his Masters of Science Degree and specialised in the area of Addictive Behaviour . He further expanded his intellectual needs in other arenas such as: Reiki Master Degree, Intuition Development Courses, Eastern and Western Philosophy, Solution-focused therapy and postgraduate degree in coaching and mentoring practice from Oxford Brookes University . He is also a member of the International Association of Coaches. From a work experience point of view , Ruben has also worked in the NHS and Private Sector, for instance, The Priory Hospital in the mental health and addiction sector.

 He also lived in USA for a significant period of time. He worked as a counsellor with young people experiencing mental health and substance misuse issues. He acquired first hand experience in using many therapeutic techniques, such as dialectic behaviour therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, normative family therapy . All the more, he is also a registered Addiction Specialist in the State of Massachusetts in USA. He is also a certified handwriting analyst and grapho-therapist since 1999. Since then, Sherandra has been facilitating workshops in the science of handwriting analysis and doing handwriting coaching privately with clients. His acuteness initiated him into research in mysticism and esoteric sciences and he was awarded a PhD in Metaphysics in 2005. Moreover, Sherandra has also successfully completed a course in the area of Motivational Psychology and earned significant doctoral graduate credits in Psychology from North Central University in USA . He is a certified Trainer in NLP and HNLP and has trained with a galaxy of world reknowned gurus including co-founders of NLP Richard Bandler, John Grinder trainers, Co-founders of HNLP Julie Silverthorne and John Overdurf.

Presently, Ruben lives in UK with his wife Samanta. Various experience has brought challenges in the life of Ruben out of which, his philanthropic nature imbibed a sense of understanding for human beings. He likes to listen, to absorb and to talk back in a remedial way by bridging each person to his lost soul and potential in life .


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