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Addiction Coaching

Addiction coaching works on the premise that if an addictive behaviour is to be changed, we should not be focussing on the destructive effects of the addiction but in the reawakening of the awareness of perfection that lies within us. Addiction coaching uses a positive and life-enhancing approach to deal with your addiction. It does not label or stigmatised anyone and it is not fear based.

Essentially we are all seekers. It is common knowledge that man does not live by bread alone and we are all in search for experiencing pleasure and avoiding pain. If we are seeking pleasure in the right place (from the inner self), then it is definitely positive. But if in quest of pleasure, our happiness mainly originates from sources outside ourselves, then it is ephemeral pleasure par excellence. We thus need to repeat the behaviour over and over again in order to get the right stimuli and to avoid pain hence developing an addiction even before the person realises that an addictive behaviour has been formed.

It has been rightly said that we live in a society of addiction and we are addicted to addiction .In today's modern world we have all sort of addictive behaviours and these include engaging in a relationship with an object or event to produce a specific "mood- altering experience".

Example of addictive behaviours include:

* Drinking alcohol excessively
* Smoking cigarettes
* Drugs like cannabis, heroin, cocaine,
* Gambling
* Food addiction e.g. overeating
* Sex addiction e.g. excessive viewing of pornographic materials
* Shopping addiction e.g. going on shopping spree
* Workaholic e.g. someone who dedicates too much time at work and has a disproportionate work and life balance

At CIANLP, through mentoring and using our unique coaching approach, we would endeavour to help you overcome your addictive behaviour.

Some of the major benefits of addiction coaching entail:

* Learn alternative strategies to deal with destructive habits
* Getting rid with the shame and guilt attached to addictive behaviour
* Natural highs and their importance to overcome addictive behaviours
* Getting rid of your limited beliefs and values relating to your addiction

Before spending thousands of pounds on rehabilitation, give addiction coaching a go. You would be surprised of its efficacy because we use cutting edge technology to produce results.

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