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What are time-based techniques?

timeTime-based techniques takes Dr Tad James' Time Line Therapy®, to the next level. Time line therapy has been initially developed in 1988 . Time based techniques enable us to have a more contemporary look about how we use our perception of time in a more therapeutic way. Time Based Techniques (T.B.T.) is the perfect tool for dealing with past trauma and unresolved issues of the past that impact on a person’s present day life.

Time Based Techniques using a persons time line or perception of time, use a spatial model of time to make time travel possible. Our unconscious mind uses space when it thinks about time, with the past perhaps to our left or right or behind us, and our future in the opposite direction. Once we understand our own metaphor for time we can begin to move our problems into the past and make a bright future for ourselves.

Time based techniques draws heavily for the work of Milton Erickson.

In the CIANLP TIME-Based Techniques™ Practitioner Training, you'll learn:

* What are time-based techniques?

Understand your own internal time machine and how to work with your timeline to achieve fantastic results.

* How to Release...
Negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions
* How to Eliminate Phobia Symptoms
Improving upon the classic NLP phobia technique.
* How to Destroy Guilt and Anxiety
You'll learn two techniques that can eliminate these emotions, almost instantly.
* PLUS How to Create a Compelling Future
TIME based Techniques™ not only works in the past, but also allows us to definitively put achievable goals into our future with absolute success.

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