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NLP Practitioner Training

In CIANLP 8 days NLP Practitioner Training, you will learn:

  • The Basics of NLP

The 4 keys to excellence and presuppositions that will set the stage for you to be an awesome NLP Practitioner. the Building blocks of NLP.

  • Principles to Achieving your Goals

Learn why you might not have achieved your goals in the past . In NLP we take the SMART acronym to the next level and well show you a sure fire method to set outcomes so that you have consisitent results in the goals you set.

  • Instant Rapport

Learn how to make people instantly like you, both in person and on the phone. Using rapport technology, you can greatly increase your chances of making sales, networking, making friends and being a powerful persuader.

  • Representational Systems

Become aware of how our 5 senses are represented internally in the nervous system
Discover why you may have had trouble communicating with some people in the past, and what you can do in the future to make sure your message gets across to everyone. Plus, learn to discover how people are thinking just by watching their eye movements.

  • Submodalities
Submodalities is the secret programming software of the mind. In the words of Richard Bandler, "Everything boils down to submodalities". Learn the most basic elements of human thought, and how you can use submodalities to great effect to make changes in your life and others.

  • Strategies
Learn how to discover peoples strategies for everything from purchasing and also making decisions both conversationally and by watching eye patterns. Knowing these strategies allows you to communicate in ways more persuasive and powerful than youve ever experienced before.

  • Powerful Patterns of Language
Learn to be persuasive and influential using the milton language, and youll even learn about conversational hypnosis. Yes!!! you can hypnotise people just by talking to them in a very suble way.

  • Anchoring
Learn how you can instantly change your own state, or the state of others . Youll also learn how others can anchor you both negatively and positively and what you can do to overcome it. Well also teach you how you can anchor states purposefully in others and use them in influential situations.

  • Parts Integration
This is one of the most powerful techniques in the NLP toolbox. Eliminate inner conflicts and procrastination with this amazing technique.

  • The NLP Model for Coaching

It is commonly believed by many people that life coaching is about giving advice.Well, in NLP this in not the case at all . You would learn powerful techniques and language patterns like the meta model how to empower people. This would make you a fantastic coach and differentiate yourself from the rest in the market...

* How to set up you own NLP business?

Practical advice how to set up your NLP business and generate yourself some income.

As part of our NLP Practitioner course :

Before attending the course, you will receive a complete set of CDs of and other resources , which will be your pre-course study material. This normally takes up to 50 hours to complete and you also have a pre course assignment to complete if you want to be certified.

Completing the pre-study work means that time in class is focused on practicing and fine tuning your skills assuring that you leave certified and confident in your skills and abilities . At the end of the course we have an optional board break.

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