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What is NLP?

nlpNLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, an acronym that links the three elements involved in producing human experience: neurology, language and programming. The neurological system regulates how our bodies function, language determines how we communicate with other people and our programming results in the models of the world we create.

Unlike other traditional approaches that tell us WHAT we need to do, NLP is a HOW TO technology. It tells and shows you HOW TO achieve what you want and HOW TO become the person you want to achieve your goals. So you can have the personal success you want now!

With NLP we have choice about what we want to change, and how we want to change it.

My first introduction to NLP was from a friend whose university results had jumped from a grade E to a B after training in NLP. After some research, I decided to take an NLP training myself, thinking "If this stuff works, everyone would be doing it." In order to test the principles of NLP and convince myself of its merit, I decided to apply the techniques to my studies. Through applying NLP and examining my beliefs, capabilities, and behaviours around my studies , I produce great results too . The methods I applied to get results in my studies can be applied to many areas: creating confidence, motivation, sales, improved memory, athletic performance, learning strategies -- anything humans do and want to know HOW TO do better. There is a saying, "If it works, it must be NLP!"

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is what celebrities such as Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, , Derren Brown and Former President Bill Clinton have used to get where they are.

NLP helps me to manage audiences and motivate them. It is just amazing." Oprah Winfrey, the No. 1 talk show host in the world.

"I built my sales career from zero to become the world best motivator by using NLP" Anthony Robbins, Author of Awaken the Giant Within

A contemporary definition of NLP by Dr Bandler (2008) , co-creator of NLP, is as follows :

"NLP is an attitude , methodology, and technology that teaches people how to improve the quality of their lives. It is an educational tool that teaches people how to communicate more effectively with themselves and others. It is designed to help people have personal freedom in the way they think, feel and behave."

Dr Bandler reiterates that NLP is more than just techniques. It is a curiosity about how people who are high achievers accomplish what they actually set out to do. It is also a methodology that assists you in discovering those thinking and communication patterns that prevent you from being successful and shows you how to achieve the results of successful people. That is, NLP is a process of discovering the patterns of excellence of experts, and it makes these effective ways of thinking and communicating available for others to use for their own benefit or to assist others.

NLP had its origins in therapy and is now applied in all areas of human endeavor - education, health, sports, business and, perhaps most importantly, interpersonal relations.

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