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Neuro Penmanship Analytical Therapy

“You are what you write” as Seen On TV ,Sky Channel 886. Ruben demonstrated how accurate handwriting analysis by performing some stunning analysis with Sky TV presenter Julian Williams

What is Neuro Penmanship Analytical Therapy (NPAT) ?

NPAT is a combination of handwriting analysis , graphotherapy and NLP to make changes in our lives.
Handwriting analysis is a science which is also known as ‘graphology'. The word ‘graphology' was coined by Abby Michon. The etymology of the word is basically Greek and “graph” means writing. Thus, graphology is the science of studying man's handwriting. Graphology is the study of all graphic movements. When one writes one is actually brain writing and leaving one's “brain prints” behind on the paper. Our brain prints reveal who we are and how we think, feel and behave. They are the X-ray of our mind and like our mind and finger prints, they remain uniquely our own forever. No two people have the same exact brain prints. Graphology gives us insights how a writer behaves.

Handwriting has also been called mind-writing. All that is part of the mind is reflected by an individual in many ways, writing being one. We can disguise our feelings, thoughts and succeed to some extent but to disguise ourselves totally is impossible.

In handwriting analysis, each personality trait is represented by a neurological brain pattern and each person shares a common human neuro mechanical micro movement tendency (expression of small electric impulses from the brain to the hand). In brief, handwriting analysis is micro body language frozen on a piece of paper.

It is worthwhile noting that handwriting analysis, plays a crucial role in the selection of employees in many big corporations; some of the top corporations that have used handwriting analysis include CoCa Cola, Hewlett Packard, etc. For instance an article in the Wall Street Journal mentioned that “ In France, Spain, Holland and Israel, 80% of the top 500 companies hire handwriting expert to analyse every potential employee before hiring them.” Handwriting analysis enables companies to save loads of money bearing in mind that the choice of a wrong individual for a particular job can be quite costly.

Some of the benefits of Neuro Penmanhip Analytical Therapy are:

* Know what your handwriting/signature reveals to the world
* Know thyself - Meet the real you and your subconscious mind
* Know what has held you back in the past
* Know your strengths and weaknesses
* Understand other people’s behaviour towards you
* Make changes to your personality by changing your penmanship

Moreover , NPAT is an invitation to make changes to your penmanship and never be ashamed to your handwriting again.

If you had your handwriting analysed, you would be surprised to find out how accurate your personality could be revealed. On the other hand you might be asking yourself the question is it really possible to make changes to your life and personality if you change your penmanship? The answer is an emphatic ‘yes’. This technique is called grapho-therapy.

A few changes in your handwriting can make you feel a lot different. Grapho-therapy is a well researched field within the last 25 years and the first book in the field entitled pen and pencil therapy was written in the 15th century. Grapho-therapy is a very powerful tool and has changed the lives of many people including mine. For instance just by changing the way you write one letter , you can change specific traits in your personality. For instance if you are undecisive in life, a change in your penmanship can make you stop procrastinating.

Changes does not happen instantly and would take at least 21 days. As a rule to change a habit , behavioural psychologist would tell us it takes an average of three weeks or 21 days.

A piece of research conducted by the University of California in Los Angelos in 1991 concluded that by changing the movements of the index finger only ,a totally separate part of the brain was stimulated. The link between handwriting and brain stimulation is now an established fact. Through this powerful tool, changing your handwriting is guaranteed to change your personality and behaviour. NPat gives you the technology to make improvement in your penmanship effectively

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