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posted on 18 December 2018 | posted in NLP Information

5 ½ Ways to Well-being is a ground-breaking work in the field of well-being, NLP and lifestyle medicine, written by an internationally renowned health coach, speaker, and clinician. 5 ½ Ways to Well-being is not a book to just read and absorb. Instead, it is a book that you actively do. A book that prompts you to apply the most current research on well-being to your daily life.

The Five ways to well being concept was born when the Government Office for science commissioned the Foresight project which involved over 400 experts and included over 100 commissioned reviews of the state of the science of wellbeing. 5 ½ ways to well-being book presents the evidence and rationale between each of the five ways, drawing on a wealth of psychological literature in a very simple but engaging manner. We all know that complicated medical or psychological jargon can alienate people from digesting the key findings of scientific reports. The 5 ½ ways to well-being book presents a solution to this issue.

The book covers how to connect with people, being active, taking notice of things in one’s life, and how important it is to keep learning new things in one’s life. The value of giving is another aspect that is well-covered in this Well- being masterpiece. The book also has a bonus chapter on nutrition and well being which clarifies all the confusion about healthy eating that is running rampant in today’s health industry.

Highlights include:

• A treasury of lifestyle teaching and wellness practices, including meditation, rituals for self-care and connecting with nature;
• Innovative approaches to restoring your body with holistic lifestyle guidance rather than a list of rigid rules;
• How modern lifestyles contribute to chronic disease and how to restore vital health through lifestyle medicine;
• Experience greater physical energy, more joy, better sleep, improved digestion, stronger immunity, and many other benefits in mind, body, and soul

The author Ruben Seetharamdoo is not only a clinician and manager in the NHS, but he is also the founder of Unleash The Alchemist Within—a premier company at the forefront of advancing innovative health coaching and training. Ruben is widely recognised as a pioneer in the field of health coaching and has been bestowed numerous awards including the Health Excellence Award in 2017 and the Health Coach of the Year Award in the UK. Ruben is also a member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health

Robyn Doran who is the Chief Operating Officer of Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust highlights that “So much of our taxpayers money is spent on treated people who have multiple long term conditions.If only as a nation we were to Invest more time effort and money into our well-being, we would lead happier healthier longer lives. If you want to take control of your well-being then read the 51/2 Ways to Well Being. I’m a busy person and it’s always a joy to read a book that’s a little bit different from all the others. This book is written by a health professional who combines the evidence base that is out there, he gives good general tips and finally shares his own experiences which are motivating. This is an easy book to dip into, and take what you want from it.
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