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How CIA and secret agents make use of NLP?

posted on 23 March 2009 | posted in NLP Information

CIA is the Central Intelligence Agency of the US government. The basic function of CIA is to amass and scrutinize the information about the foreign governments, corporations and the policymakers. CIA has its set of internal policies and has a number of interagency centers which share information.

Use of NLP Technology by CIA

CIA started to teach NLP to its employees in the early 50s at a place called Waco. CIA has been using NLP to carry out investigations on those who are under the belt of suspicion. CIA uses hypnosis technique for carrying out investigations. Covert NLP has been reported to be used to gain control over the person who is to be investigated in a very ostensible way. When NLP is used, then the tentative conclusions can be obtained in the interrogation process.

Nature of Hypnosis Used In Interrogation in CIA
The experimental analyses have gradually given out a better understanding for NLP and hypnosis in the operations of the Central Intelligence Agency. The day to day investigations have a lingering layout of the questionnaire to be made before the investigation starts. Hypnosis is all the way subjected to susceptibility and the implications are very well formatted and purposeful for the one who is investigating.

Hypnosis has been accepted as a stigma of belief which is capable of doing wonders in the field of Investigation and Interrogation. The investigators of CIA are defining hypnosis as a state of sensitive receptiveness which can get out the inner abstraction of the one being investigated.

Who are Secret Agents?
Secret Agents are the one who spy on basically any radical. Secret Agents are the ones who are there to solve mysteries. Secret Agents have the ability to handle any work they are asked to act upon. Secret Agents are very precise and prophesy persons. A secret agent may carry out investigation against any one who has deceived someone, heckled someone, lied to someone, has false passports in his possession, makes dodgy deals with the developers in the market, done anything unlawful and those who have made false signatures. These all things are in the kitty of a secret agent to investigate about and provide with the most precise information to the one who is demanding that.

Secret Agents Use NLP Technology

The generic method of identifying the secret messages in the codes can be done with the effective use of NLP by all the secret agents. The Secret agents have to face running odd jobs during the peak hours of their working. To calm down their stress and enhance the motivation level for any critical investigation NLP technology is used. Secret Agents never want their customers to face unwarranted hang around times, so time management for them is of vital importance. The communication of an effective secret agent should be impressive and convincing, only then the customer will consider the work done as worth his bucks. Use of NLP technology can make the communications to gather all that pause and confidence needed to present the facts to the customer.


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