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The Contemporary International Academy of NLP

ATTENTION: Contemporary International Academy of Neuro-Linguistic Programming presents...

"You CAN Receive A Certified Diploma in NLP Health and Wellness ...
Take Steps Today To Rocket Yourself To A Higher Success Level,
Get NLP Certified And Make More Money!"

From the Desk of: Ruben Sherandra Seetharamdoo
Certified Trainer NLP/HNLP, Wellness Consultant & Scientist

Dear NLP Enthusiast,

Becoming NLP Certified is the foundation and the key to your future success!

"NLP is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the technology of achievement and human excellence." — Time Magazine

Our NLP training works because it is focused and directed for maximum impact.

You benefit from Certified NLP Training taught by Certified NLP Trainers, with years of tested and proven practical experience in NLP. We use only Certified NLP Trainers and you will learn from Certified NLP Curriculum that is the top in the neuro-linguistic field, and is proven to be the best available.

When you sign up for the course, you receive NLP Manuals, Coursework, DVDs and Demos to maximize your learning experience. All in classroom work is completed under the guidance of a Certified NLP Trainer. Whilst you do not need to attend practical training in person, (we do have remote Internet based training) you do need to commit to following through on the application of the techniques that you will learn in order to be a proficient in NLP so you can receive your certification in NLP.

NLP is all about experiencing the change and not just reading about it.

I can imagine how curious you may be, wondering just how much top-of-the-line training in NLP costs. We all know, studying NLP in a classroom setting is expensive, but I will show you how valuable this will be to your future success and financial independence.

Attending NLP Training will change your life and is the main reason people pay the hundreds and even thousand of pounds to attend a certified NLP course. Is that... quite simply, NLP works!

It guarantees results!


In order to deliver a very high quality of training, all our NLP trainings are validated by the internationally recognised ABNLP and IHNLP. We guarantee your certification will be legitimate and you will receive a certification diploma on completing the course.ihnp

Why Would A Person Want To Study NLP And Become NLP Certified?

How to Make People Instantly Like You

To Take Control of Your Financial Destiny
How to Overcome the Obstacles In Your Life
To Take Your Life to the Next Level

How To Get What You Want From Life

To Unleash Your Full Potential

To Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

To Create Instant Motivation for Yourself and Others

Discover How To Love Your Life!

Do you ever say to yourself:

"I wish I could do that", or "I want to be more successful but..."

I have got news for you, if you have answered yes to any of these questions, we can help..


NLP Diploma Certification Course

With our NLP Certification Course and the proven NLP techniques you will discover, you can greatlyimprove your life, INCREASE your chances of making sales, develop deeper and more loving relationships, make new friends and become a powerful persuader.

But first let's talk about your life and what life really is like for many of us...

It's a crazy, unfair world out there…

On the one side, are people who are slaving away in jobs with bosses they hate…year after year. They earn a salary that does little more than pay the bills.

On the other side, there are those who seem to have found a better way.

People who, live on their own terms. They have all the money they need. They get promoted very often. They travel with their families to exotic locations regularly. They seem to get along easily with anybody, anytime, anywhere. And this gives them enormous advantage to really enjoy life.

You may know some of these people, who life seems to favor: some may even be your neighbors, workmates or relatives.

My intelligent guess is that you want belong to the second group.

And you can once you discover how to use NLP to your advantage

But what exactly is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

According to Time Magazine: "NLP is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the technology of achievement and human excellence."

How can that be?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the science of how your brain codes learning and experience.

This coding affects all your communication and behavior. It affects how you learn and how you experience surroundings. It's a major key to reaching your goals and achieving excellence.

Once you understand how to use NLP you'll have all the essential tools and skills for the development of excellence... and establish a system of empowering beliefs.

NLP will help you have a better, fuller and richer life by overcoming learned limitations. You'll eliminate your own self-perceived or subjective problems.

"NLP theories were greeted with high praise in the 70s and 80s, Al Gore and Bill Clinton and practically every Fortune 500 corporate chief declared themselves fans.-The Guardian, May 29, 2006"

You Are Invited to Put NLP into Practice

My name is Ruben Seetharamdoo, I am a certified Trainer in NLP and HNLP and have trained with a galaxy of world renowned gurus including co-founders of NLP Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Co-founders of HNLP Julie Silverthorne and John Overdurf....

I've personally used NLP since 1995 to help youngsters with mental health and substance abuse problems in America and in the United Kingdom. I am a registered Addiction Specialist in the State of Massachusetts USA.

I regularly run hands on training workshops for small groups of 10 people Unlike other NLP trainers I refuse to run a workshop for more than that number as I feel it hampers the students learning.
And I'd like to invite you to attend my next practitioner level workshop in 2013 in London UK

When you attend you'll learn some revolutionary content... For instance:

You will learn how to use your skills to improve and enhance communication, rapport building and goal setting. This alone could see your income double in the coming twelve months.

You'll discover how to deal with people who perceive the world differently from you. This will improve relations with your peers, bosses, customersand new prospects. This will mean a much happier life, full of fun.

Presentation skills and public speaking have become an integral part in business today. This course will teach you total quality management, team building, organizational development and strategic planning that will give you an edge in your business life.

If you are a professional you'll understand the structure of beliefs, identity and new and effective ways to assist your clients in achieving rapid and lasting positive change.

NLP will offer valuable insight into what inhibits and what enhances the creative spirit. You will discover how to apply NLP strategies freely and stimulate your creativity. If you're an artist, writer or performer you'll never be the same again after attending this course.
NLP will give you freedom from old habits, fear, limiting beliefs and give you more options. No matter your age, status, gender you'll find these new alternatives highly wonderful to use and create the life you love!
What you learn will improve your health immensely. As you improve yourself your stress level goes down and your income increases. Your communication skills grow and consequently your health.
If you're single, you'll learn how to attract the right woman or man to your life quickly and almost effortlessly.
If you're a parent, you'll discover effective ways to persuade your children from engaging in destructive behaviors and bad company.
If you're married, this course will show you powerful ways to totally eliminate quarrels in your marriage and how both of you can work for common beneficial goals.
You'll learn about anchoring. How you can successfully use it to have people buy your stuff and act in a specific predetermined way. You'll love this one!
You'll learn how people are thinking by simply watching their eyes. Thisgives you enormous advantage socially and financially.

You'll discover how to eliminate fears and phobias and reprocess negative past events. A quick way to destroy guilt and anxiety making you feel like a child with no limitations at all.

If you have chronic bad habits such as smoking, gambling, excessive alcohol intake that is threatening your marriage or career, then your have a reason to smile. This course will not only show you how to discard these behaviors, but also how to tremendously improve your life. Your spouse will fall in love with you once again!
And much, much more.

Ruben is a fantastic training. I feel blessed to have chosen CIANLP to do my NLP Training.The support before, during and after the course is amazing. I highly recommend this course.
H.C LLB, London, England

No Ordinary Workshop...

As you can clearly see this is no ordinary workshop... Upon completion of it you will walk away a changed person, your life will be immediately better.

And, as an added bonus this course qualifies you as an NLP Practitioner because all our trainings are validated by the ABNLP and IHNLP.

This means that you will be qualified to practice professionally as a life coach and obtain insurance for your practice.

As if that wasn't benefit enough, when you enroll on this course you also get absolutely FREE a:

Comprehensive Home Study and Post Course Reference Package...

This comprehensive package comprises:

On sign up, you'll receive a complete set of 6 NLP CDs and 3 DVDs and workbook before the course. Listen to the CDs and complete the pre-course assignment and come to the course fully charged.

Two days of 'fire'. One-on-one 2-days intensive live coaching from one of UK's most renowned NLP practitioners.

Success and Change DVD. This is an amazing DVD that 'spills the beans'. You will get to know how to create a success mindset.

Personal Power DVD. Human beings use just about 10% of their potential. I show you how to increase this and achieve unlimited success in anything you set you mind on.

Personal Goal Setting DVD. Goals are as crucial to every human being as a rudder is to ship. I show you how to set your goals and achieve them.

2 Extra Internationally Recognized Certifications in addition to your NLP Practitioner Certification.
This opens awesome doors for your professional practice. As you become a certified NLP practitioner, you get Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology Certification, and Time Based Techniques Practitioner certification. This will definitely give you the edige over the traditional NLP Practitioners. With these certifications, you can be insured and be able to join major NLP associations.

Optionally, you can attend a photo reading workshop is included as part of your training. We teach you to use speed reading and cutting edge NLP techniques on how to read a book in less than one hour! We give you even more with advanced training designed to improve your memory and mind mapping instruction.

And finally at the end of the course there's board breaking!

We train you using NLP modelling techniques to break a one inch board using your bare hands!

Ruben is an excellent trainer and I have really enjoyed the course. Naturally, it was easily taught by Ruben on unconscious level as well as conscious level. Very very easily understood by myself...
P. Nagi, Manager

Easily one of the most useful and fun courses I've attended. After the practice exercises on this course everyone can confidently apply the techniques effectively. Naturally, the course leader for the CIANLP was fantastic. Ruben is a tremendous trainer and beyond this is a great person that presents with enthusiasm and compassion.Expanding on this, Ruben and his lovely wife Samanta of the CIANLP epitomise the NLP presuppositions and he is genuinely a pleasure to watch in action with his powerful interventions and unlimited style of teaching.Aware that everyone has their own model of the world and realizing there was a huge amount of material to cover Ruben ensured everyone was experiencing the transforming power of NLP. Ruben's instruction made sure a person was always learning and expanding their knowledge, because only then could we be one with the source and join the legion of Jedi Mind Masters of NLP. Ruben, you are a true Jedi Master of NLP, thank you.
T. K. Marketing Director, London, England

Before you consider other NLP courses, you'll want to be aware of how easily and naturally you'll learn with the CIANLP method. After you've experienced your awareness expanding beyond what you previously thought possible, you'll feel fully confident because now you realise how powerful new experience of this kind can be.
A. R. Thomas, Freelance Writer

How Much Will This Unbeatable Groundbreaking Course Cost Me?

First, you cannot consider a life-changing course like this as an expense. It is an investment in your future and will pay handsome dividends...

And similar NLP courses this intense cost £1800 and upward... plus £50 extra for certification fees.

Now, to be candid with you, I had considered charging a similar figure but remembered that a lot of the people who would benefit from NLP training might actually be a little cash-strapped given the state of the economy...

So I settled on a figure of £1200 which you agree is a fair and reasonable investment for this level of training...

But then my assistant reminded me the cost of producing DVDs had recently dropped, furthermore our event organizers gave us a substantial discount which I want to pass on to you. And so we settled for the much lower figure of ONLY:

£147 plus £50 Certification Fee

You can clearly see this is an incredible bargain...

You get the training course – 2 full-on days of certificate level training plus the home study package comprising 3DVD's plus manuals...

And that's not all... you also get a full one hour life coaching session valued at £150 absolutely FREE and...

Upon completion of this course you will become a certified life trainer with full recognition from the ABNLP and the IHNLP...

All this for a small investment of only £197 period.

Sign Up Now and Get NLP Certified!

NLP Training Sessions for 2019

April 2019 London Heathrow
(2 days Intensive Holiday Inn London Heathrow)
(Date: 27th and 28th April 2019)

Click the button below to signup and book your class now!

NLP Certified Course Includes:

NLP Certification Course, Manual, 6 CDs and 3 Life Coaching DVDs and 1 Custom Coaching Session
(value £1800)

Your NLP Certification Course Includes the NLP Certification Manual, NLP Training CDS and Life Coaching DVDs to help you understand and integrate the NLP principles from the coursework. This superb NLP Certification Manual covers all the course materials needed to become NLP Certified.

2 Days NLP Practitioner Training Includes:

You would be sent free a complete set of NLP CDs and workbook before you start the course to study as soon as your course fees are paid. Those CDs are to be listened before the course and the pre-course assignment completed for you to be certified.

On Successful Completion you will receive three internationally recognised qualifications:

1. NLP Diploma Certification.

2. Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology Practitioner

3. Time Based Techniques Practitioner Certification

NLP Certification Manual
(value £147)

Your NLP Certification Course Includes six (6) custom programmed NLP CDs to follow along with while you work the NLP course. You will discover how to understand and integrate the NLP principles from the coursework and make NLP a natural part of your life. This superb NLP CD Certification Set, Vol. 1 - 6 covers all the course materials needed to become NLP Certified.

As part of our NLP Practitioner course :

Before attending the course, you will receive a complete set of CDs and other resources, which will be your pre-course study material. This normally takes up to 50 hours to complete and you also have a pre course assignment to complete if you want to be certified.

Completing the pre-study work means that time in class is focused on practicing and fine tuning your skills – assuring that you leave certified and confident in your skills and abilities. At the end of the course we have an optional board break.
(Length is 60 minutes per DVD, 360 minutes total)

You will receive:

All You Need To Know About NLP To Be A Certified NLP Practitioner

Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, Vol. 4, Vol. 5, and Vol. 6

Upon completion of this course you will become a
certified life trainer( certified NLP practitioner) with full recognition from the ABNLP and the IHNLP.

NLP Course DVDs (value £200)

Your NLP Certification Course Includes three custom programmed NLP DVDs to help you with your success, personal power and powerful goal setting strategies. (Length is 60 minutes per DVD, 180 minutes total)

You will receive:

Life Coaching Breakthrough for Success And Change DVD

Life Coaching Breakthrough for Personal Power

Life Coaching Breakthrough for Powerful Goal Setting

Added Value Bonus Coaching –
Yours Absolutely FREE
(value £250)

To ensure you integrate the NLP principles into your life you will also get one full session of Life Coaching. This superb session lasts for an hour. The public pay £250 for it but as a valued post graduate student you will get this superb session absolutely FREE.

Ruben Sherandra Seetharamdoo
Certified Trainer NLP/HNLP

Upon completion of this course you will become a
certified life trainer( certified NLP practitioner) with
full recognition from the ABNLP and the IHNLP.

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With My Personal Guarantee To You...

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

"I'm so confident that you will be happy with your purchase that you get my 100% Money back Guarantee. You risk nothing.

If you decide that "NLP Practitioner Course Program" is not for you, just let us know at any time during the first 60 days after purchase.

I'll send you a prompt 100% refund for every penny you paid. That's a full refund, not partial or pro-rated. Could any offer be fairer than that?"

Ruben Sherandra Seetharamdoo
Certified Trainer NLP/HNLP

You are unlikely to get anything this valuable at this price anywhere else... But remember the clock is already ticking as soon as twenty people are in, the doors are closed.

A figure higher than that will dilute the effectiveness of my personal attention to every attendee.

The next training session will be in August 2013 in London. Take a pen and mark this in your diary. It's probably the most important week that you will have in 2013.

Sign Up Now and Get NLP Practitioner Certified!

NLP Training Sessions for 2016

April 2016 London Heathrow
(2 days Intensive in Holiday Inn Hotel London Heathrow)
(Date: 23rd and 24th April 2016 )

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Many people have doubled their incomes after attending a NLP course. Why can't you be the next one?

Enroll now by clicking here.

To Your Future Success!

Ruben Sherandra Seetharamdoo
Certified Trainer NLP/HNLP

Don't forget with this technique you can greatly improve your life, INCREASE your chances of making sales, develop deeper and more loving relationships, make new friends and become a powerful persuader...

P.P.S. Your life and the destiny of your family are in your hands. You would be having Optimal health and boundless energy. You can live in that up market and nice neighborhood. You can double your company income and get that much deserved promotion!


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